Kali Mae

ATTENTION WORLD: Watch out for this one.

Kali is far and away my pick for “most likely to get her own way”.  She possesses the lethal persuasion combination of a 10/10 rated puss-in-boots face and a 10/10 rated ability to throw an international-crisis-level temper-tantrum. With her ability to attack from any angle at a moments notice she will undoubtedly be a handful.

Speaking of handful, it was surreal the first time I held Kali, because she literally fit into one of my hands. I am in awe of life because of the incredible intricacies of the human body and how they are replicated to scale in infants. I could hold her in one hand, but she already had perfectly crafted fingernails (on her pinky too!), footprints, eyebrows, a heart, lungs, intestines, and even a little itty-bitty tongue! Absolutely incredible.

Ok. Enough from me. Pictures!!!

Quick Kali Status Update: Little Kali is doing very well right now and continues to grow. Currently she’s up to about 2.5 pounds. Please pray she continues to tolerate her feedings so she can gain weight, and that her lungs continue to strengthen so they can function on their own.

Until next time. Stay classy San Diego.

2 thoughts on “Kali Mae

  1. Cassie you are incredible! I have been following from the beginning and you all are amazing!!! Sending hugs!

    Molly (Ureel)

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