A Season for Change

The changing of the seasons has me eager for the holidays. This time of year is ripe with family, friends, thanksgiving and generosity. It is also a reminder that we are on the door step of a new year! While life-change can happen any time of the year, there is definitely something motivating about a January 1st start date.

The year 2020 is going to be a more mindful year. I plan to be more intentional about my words, my eye contact and my silence at home in hopes of modeling these skills for my children. We also will be starting family counseling in December and into 2020 which I hope will improve the dynamics – and maybe the volume – in our home. No cards to hide here; we are all works in progress.

I also plan to be more mindful about our food choices. As a dietitian, our family eats fairly well and are already quite mindful about how meals and snacks are composed. I recently watched a documentary entitled, The Game Changers, based on a recommendation from close friends (Thanks, Alex and Danielle!) that challenged my beliefs about a healthful diet. I have watched other movies that support veganism but this one maintained a more moderate view and did a stellar job of incorporating strong epidemiological evidence. I accepted the challenge and plan to transition our family’s meals to more a of plant-based pattern. This does not mean we are becoming vegans but does mean we will have more meals where the traditional protein is not present but rather we will be experimenting with Tofu, Beans, Lentils, Jackfruit and Vegan queso. I welcome you to join us on this journey. I hope to start a new section on this blog that shares are trials and successes at dinner. Perhaps, we will include a view testimonial and opinion pieces from the kiddos, too!

I think this transition will be a good opportunity to also build into our children’s interest in science. They really enjoyed making their science projects for their school fair and making hypothesis and conclusions based on what they learned. They will have the opportunity to learn about new foods, tastes, and textures as well as how to be an adventurous eater!


The Physics of Pitching
How to Be a Princess… art is science, right?
How do cameras take a picture?
How are bows made?
How are rainbows made?


Now, back to the hustle and bustle of November! Happy Holidays! 




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