Take Us Out to the Ball Game

Take Us Out to the Ball Game, Where we will be half the crowd;
Eight innings were spent in the bathroom, But made it back for Heyward’s homerun.

Let us root, root, root for the Cubbies, They didn’t win, it was a shame.
For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out, At the old ball game.


Last weekend, we had the privilege of celebrating Uncle JD’s birthday at the Cub’s game in Milwaukee. It was the girlies’ first game and our first -of hopefully many- as a family. It was a memorable day that started with a Jimmy Johns tailgate and ended with a run around the bases and birthday celebration for J.D.


It was also Grandparents’ Day and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase Papa Ron and Nana B.

While one-third of the game was truly spent on bathroom runs, it was so fun to watch how awestruck the kiddos were of the stadium, crowd and players. Theo and Ellie were most engaged with the game.


I’m now confident that Ellie could hold her own in the Wrigley Field bleachers… she shoots from the hip and is one tough cookie. I’ll just say that Bernie the Brewer is lucky she didn’t attend the meet and greet after the game otherwise he may have received a swift kick to the shins. Love our fiery Ellie Rosie!

Bella also managed to fall in love with the All-American Hot Dog during the 7th inning stretch!


My favorite part of this special day was the gathering of family and friends which simply doesn’t happen often enough.



First Week of First Grade

September is a month of transition. New school routines, fall sports and activities which can lead to an exhausting day and it is easy to go through the motions from wake-up to bed-time. Despite the busyness, we don’t want to sacrifice the quality of our time together and how precious these moments are.


We have been counting down to the first day of first grade since June because our crew are social animals. They thrive at school. It was evident by the last week in August that they had grown tired of their familial playmates. This first week of school has been a blast. Each kiddo has enjoyed the adventure of learning their new routine, teacher and classmates. Lucky for them, they were exposed to the entire Kindergarten class last year so the experiences was truly a shuffle of each others’ friends and an opportunity to be-friend their siblings’ besties.

All are looking forward to reading more often and with greater confidence, writing with greater clarity and expressing their creativity in art, science and music. We are ready to watch our little miracles continue to grow by leaps and bounds in first grade.