Looking Back at Lily (2018-2019)

Lillian Grace is snuggled right in the middle of the five and I’m certain she wouldn’t have it any other way. Lily continues to be the goofiest of the bunch and knows how to make them all laugh. She also knows just as well how to push their buttons. She has been the “lil-instigator” since day one.


Lily knows how to go with the flow and lives by the YOLO adage, but don’t let her laid back personality fool you. She has a temper and can go from 0 to 60 just about as quick as Ellie Rose. Her storms are easy to calm with a silly face, tickle under the chin or a question for redirection.  She loves to play and is by far the most social; everyone Lily meets is a new friend.

Join me as we take a look back at Lily’s last year…

Lily at five years…

Lily at four years…

Lily at three years…

Lily at two years…

Lily’s First Year…

One thought on “Looking Back at Lily (2018-2019)

  1. Lilly certainly is one of a kind. I thought she would have said she wanted to be a unicorn. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady! Auntie loves you Lily!💋💕😍😘

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