Looking Back at Mr. Theo (2018-2019)

Birthday week has arrived and it’s time to reminisce and stroll down memory lane. While Mr. Theo has truly grown up, his personality, inquisitive nature and love for tinkering have remained. He has found new loves like baseball, the Chicago Cubs, batting practice with Dad and did I mention baseball?


This last year in Kindergarten he was able to expand his social circle to include some more XY chromosomes and truly enjoyed “boys only” play dates. We also were able to go on a few Mommy-son dates which will forever be in my heart.

Now, for a closer look at Theo at Five Years…

Theo at Four Years…

Theo at Three Years…

Theo at Two Years…

Theo’s First Year…

One thought on “Looking Back at Mr. Theo (2018-2019)

  1. Theo has grown into a fine and extremely intelligent young man. Also did I mention how handsome he is! I love you Theo💕😍😘

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