Looking Back at Kali Mae (2017-2018)


Kali Mae is our drama-mama. She is the most expressive, thoughtful and emotional of the V5. Like Bella, she has also heard the calling to become a princess. She will not come down to breakfast without a dress, her crown and a pair of mama’s high heels. In all honesty, she wears and walks in those heels better than I ever have… perhaps practice makes perfect?

Kali also loves to draw pigs, pups and cats, as well as, color. She is a deep reader and still the champion at Hidden Pictures and Seek and Find books. Like her brother and daddy, we believe she has a photographic memory.

Surprisingly her love for art and royalty do not trump her dreams of one day owning a farm. She loves to help out in the yard, in the garden and care for our chickens. She’s a hard-worker and always finishes the job she starts.

Now, let’s look back at Kali over the last year…

Kali at four years…

Kali at three years…

Kali at two years…

If you really want to turn back the clock, check out Kali’s First Year…

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