Offering Thanks on World Prematurity Day


This week we honored world prematurity; Offering gratitude to those who walked with us, served us and cared for us on our journey from birth at 29 weeks and one day to four years old. We too easily recall all of the sad conversations that were had, scare tactics used and doubters early on. But, we also recall the reassuring love, guidance and strength which we heard much louder. Throughout the month of November each year, many draw their attention to the life-saving research, treatments and support that give every baby a fighting chance.

Giving thanks to the one above!

We felt that the V5 were old enough today to participate in thanking those who were critical in their survival from Dr. John Elliott and his team at Banner Desert to the elite NICU staff at Meriter. We honored world prematurity day by perusing their memory boxes, watching their first year videos, visiting the Meriter NICU to offer our thanks and enjoyed a special lunch!

Another day to praise Him for our blessings and thank His angels here on earth!


4 thoughts on “Offering Thanks on World Prematurity Day

  1. A beautiful success story in pictures and words. Sounds like love is everywhere as you share the growing up years. We’ll see our youngest grandchild shortly as she turns 14 today. We’ll share cupcakes at our tailgate prior to Big Game when Cal plays Stanford at 5 PST. Enjoyed the Wisconsin victory even though a granddaughter is a sophomore at Michigan. Thanks for keeping us “in the loop”.

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  2. Cassie
    I love watching you and your family over the years and kudos to you for making it work. I have no idea how you do it… That day talking to you and freaking out a little for you about 5, I hope you did not count me in the naysayers. I am continually reminded by you and your journey that you can do anything you set your mind to, and ask for help with!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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