Looking Back at Kali Mae

Kali Mae has proved to be the entertainer of the bunch. She loves to dress-up in costume, dance, sing and share her latest comedic sketches. She has recently started a series of imitations. It is not surprising that her acting skills likely draw from her ability to portray any emotion with intensity; she is a human emoji.

Kali O

She still can belt out the greatest of sounds with gusto; occasionally we hear the monkey screech but most days it is either extreme joy or extreme frustration. She remains a very compassionate and empathetic person; she’s a wonderful caregiver.

Kali has also grown to love to move! She loves jogging around the block, playing T-ball and hanging upside down. I see gymnastics and softball in this one’s future.

She still loves monkeys but pigs have taken the place of her favorite animal. She hopes to one day live on a farm and raise animals. But, always tells me she’ll live close to me. We share the same middle name and- as she says- the Maes have to stick together.

Here’s a look back at Kali’s Third Year…

Kali at three years…

Kali at two years…

If you really want to turn back the clock, check out Kali’s First Year…

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