Look Who’s Turning Two: Theodore Joseph

The V5’s second birthday is just around the corner. Join us in looking back at the many memories and how they’ve grown in the last year.

Mr. Theodore Joseph

Our firstborn. He truly is growing into his big brother role. While he can moan and groan with the best of them, he truly is a little gentleman. I think he takes role call as much as Mommy does; to be sure that all his sisters are present. He allows all of them to go outside, go inside, or up the stairs before him. Even when they get into little scrums, he rarely hits back.

This little guy is truly our boy genius. He is now able to carry on a conversation and is the most articulate member of our household. He can rattle off 3 and 4 syllable words with ease; his favorites being watermelon and helicopter.

His stuffed dog, brown bear, Nana and the color orange all hold a special place in this boy’s heart. He is looking more and more like his handsome Daddy everyday, especially with those striking blue eyes.

I am so proud of you, Mr. Theo! Happy Birthday!

Theo’s Second Year…

If you really want to turn back the clock, check out Theo’s First Year…

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