One Week Shy of 21 Months

The munchkins will be 21 months old in just 1 week and I wanted to capture how much they have changed with a few profile updates!

DSC02909Theodore Joseph

  • Nicknames: Theo, Mr. Theo, Buddy, lil Koala (he gives the best hugs!)
  • Favorite animal sounds: Woof Woof!
  • Favorite word/letter: Ooooo (must be a Wisconsin thing)
  • Favorite food: Banana (nana) or Cheese (Cheeeeez)
  • Favorite toys: Stuffed Bear and stuffed moose
  • Personality: Nana’s boy


Isabella Marie

  • Nicknames: Bella, Bella-Bean, Beanie
  • Favorite animal sounds: oo-oo ah-ah (Monkey)
  • Favorite word/letter: Is giggling a word?
  • Favorite food: Avocado
  • Favorite toys: Soft and cuddly toys (blankets, stuffed animals and even pipe cleaners)
  • Personality: Social butterfly


Lillian Grace

  • Nicknames: Lily, Lil, Lily-bug, Love-bug
  • Favorite animal sounds: Baa Baa (Sheep)
  • Favorite word/letter: Ma-Ma (Milk)
  • Favorite food: Milk and Meat
  • Favorite toys: Spoon and bowls (She loves to pretend that she is cooking)
  • Personality: Silly Lily


Kali Mae

  • Nicknames: K-Mae, Monkey, Monk
  • Favorite animal sounds: Meow (Cat)
  • Favorite word/letter: Kali has her own language and will babble all day to herself and imaginary friends
  • Favorite food: Kali is an equal opportunity employer and doesn’t appear to have a favorite
  • Favorite toys: Rubber bath toys
  • Personality: Daydream Believer

DSC02915Elliott Rose

  • Nicknames: Ellie, Ellie Rose,
  • Favorite animal sounds: Ney Ney (Horse)
  • Favorite word/letter: La-la-la (Ellie loves to sing)
  • Favorite food: Much like Kali, she loves a variety of foods
  • Favorite toys: Anything she can collect and organize (cups, blocks, dishes, animals, etc)
  • Personality: Independent Woman

6 thoughts on “One Week Shy of 21 Months

  1. They are all so precious and individuals! Hope we can get to see them again soon.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Gosh, so fun see these pictures and hear about their favorites! Know that we think of you all often and will always be praying for you & and these kiddos. You’re all very special to us! 🙂

  3. They are precious, thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us.
    How wonderful you are able to enjoy them and their many changes and keep this record of their growth.
    I am a mother of twins who are now 38, when they were born I also had a 9 year old, he is now 47! Time flies so quickly, I miss the baby days. I am enjoying seeing your little ones.

    Blessings to you all,

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