Ellie is 9 months!


Elliott 2

Nicknames: Ellie, Ellie Rose, E. Rose & Baby Girl

Birth Length: 14.9 in

Current Length: 26 in

Birth Weight: 2.41 lbs

Current Weight: 16 lbs

Favorite toy: Anything Kali is playing with.


Favorite Past-time: Rolling from toy to toy, Swiping toys from her siblings & Snuggling with her big brother


Mastered Milestones: Rolling to and fro,

Developing Milestones: Sitting up by herself, Crawling

Personality Traits: Sweet, Observant and a bit demanding

2 thoughts on “Ellie is 9 months!

  1. Both Lily and Ellie are just beautiful as are they all! This is such great fun to see them. They certainly have their own little personalities and all seem so exceptionally calm and happy. You both are to be commended as incredible new parents! God just had this all figured out for them didn’t He? Jack and I are working hard everyday on all the details for the Festival in July. http://www.vwbchoir.com Therefore, it is wonderful therapy for us to re watch these videos as well as FaceTiming Julie and Kensington. Of course we also have the great pleasure of now being in the backyard so-to-speak of my oldest daughter, Carrie and her terrific son, Oliver, age 15. I am the happiest when I can be with one family or the other! Lucky for you that I am not too close by as I would want to see these precious little ones at least every third day! Hugs and to your mom too! Sara Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 08:02:27 +0000 To: sarcoaz@msn.com

  2. Ellie is beautiful with a personality to match and I believe she may be the first one to crawl … Hugs, Nana B

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