Lily is 9 months!


Nicknames: Lily, Lily-Bug, Love-Bug, Lilyput, LG, & Lil SmileyLily 2

Birth Length: 14.6 in

Current Length: 26.1 in

Birth Weight: 2.69 lbs

Current Weight: 15.7 lbs

Favorite toy: Her pacifier and “magic” blanket

Favorite Past-time: Playing Peek-a-boo and playing Lily-gician making her pacifier disappear

Mastered Milestones: The best fine motors skills in the bunch (watch out for her pincer grasp!), Initiates games, standing with assistance

Developing Milestones: Sitting up by herself, crawling


Personality Traits: Silly, Strategic, and definitely a bit Jealous

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