Theo is 9 months old!

Theodore Joseph

Tough Guy

Nicknames: Theo, Teej, Goober (because he’s sweet on the outside and a total nut on the inside)

Birth Length: 14.5 in

Current Length: 27.2 in

Birth Weight: 2.87 lbs

Current Weight: 20.5 lbs

Favorite toy: Frozen teething rings and Sophie the Giraffe

Chewing Theo

Favorite Past-time: Rolling from the couch, to the toy box, to the door, to the hardwood floor, to the…ending at mommy’s feet. Ransacking his sisters

Mastered Milestones: Sitting up by himself, rolling to and fro, standing with assistance and 2 bottom teeth!

Developing Milestones: Crawling

Personality Traits: Goofy, Loud, Rough, 110% boy


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