Spring has Sprung


Spring has [finally] sprung here in Madison! So, what have the quints been up to while they awaited spring?

The V-5 want to thank Culvers for these stylish onesies and their support since day 1!
The V-5 want to thank Culvers for these stylish onesies and their support since day 1!

Well, they have been eating like champs and are up to 3 solid meals per day. A typical day of meals would be 2-3 T of oatmeal with yogurt and bananas for breakfast, 2-3 T of beef or chicken with squash and potatoes for lunch, and dinner rounds out the day with 2-3 T of a green veggie, vegetarian protein (chickpeas, tofu or eggs) and a healthy fat (avocado).

When the kids aren’t feasting at meals, they tend to be trying to gum each other or anything within 5 inches of their mouth, munch on their toes, or blow raspberries.


Theo's constantly going for those toes!
Theo’s constantly going for those toes!


...Or his sister's hair! Poor Kali Mae.
…Or his sister’s hair! Poor Kali Mae.

Another favorite past-time at 8 months is teething. Frank and I joke that getting teeth is a very inefficient process… 2 years of tears times five, well may be times seven. When all start moaning and groaning, hoping for those choppers, we gently ask them for results, and no more excuses. All are also working hard on learning how to crawl. They are all pros at the infamous Sphynx pose, as well as, rolling over. Theo is the closest to getting wheels. His efforts and dedication to learning to crawl are truly admirable. However, at this point he is easily frustrated and tends to opt for rolling like a log to get to and fro.

The kids are also barely big enough to fit into their dining table, which- for now- is a play place.

Smiley Ellie
Smiley Ellie
Cute Kali
Cute Kali
Lillian Grace
Lillian Grace
Goofy Bella
Goofy Bella

It is also the official meeting space for Girl’s Club Meetings…sorry no boys allowed!

Girls Club meeting


The V-5 have also been patiently awaiting their first adventure around the neighborhood. They took their first stroll this past weekend…and they appeared to be less than thrilled about it.


Theo, Kali and lil Red Riding Hood (Elliott)
Theo, Kali and lil Red Riding Hood (Elliott)


Lily, the garden gnome, and Bella ready for a stroll.
Lily, the garden gnome, and Bella ready for a stroll.

Despite, the lack of smiles and giggles that we anticipated, they looked pretty darn cute sporting their new spring jackets!

Lil Red RIding hood
Ellie Rose
Bella hood
Theo says hi
Mr. Theo
Lily hood
Kali hood
Kali Mae



8 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Ahh, so fun to see new pictures! They’ve changed so much since we saw them on our visit, even. Amazing to think that they’ll be crawling soon! Big hugs to all from Ryan and me!

  2. Another great post! How is the insurance repayment going from before their birth? -Teresa

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi, Teresa! Thank you for your kind words. We pursued the internal grievance process and faced denial, and then appealed to a third party (external grievance) and the denial was once again upheld. We gave it our best shot and are now letting our case RIP. We know God is faithful and will provide as He already has every step of the way.

  3. Oh how adorable!! We want to be there! Also we love your corresponding explanations about all of them. Your sense of loving humor is terrific! Many thanks for keeping up updated. Fondly…..Sara & Jack Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 21:24:27 +0000 To: sarcoaz@msn.com

  4. I can’t believe how much they are thriving….and look like Frank. You are both are so blessed even though I can’t imagine how time consuming your routine must be. I pray that babies continue to develop….they look so happy. What a great job as parents. All my love to you.

  5. Wow, you can really see Frank’s resemblance in that photo of Theo going for his toes. What an adorable bunch of kids. You guys are incredible.

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