ABC, 123 (45), Cute as Can Be!


At 7 months the kiddos are expressive, talkative and almost mobile! All of the quints have rolled from their tummies to their backs and only Theo has made it from his back to his stomach. They are all really good at what we call the “sphinx pose,” or more commonly known as the cobra pose for you yogis out there. I have my money on Lily to crawl first.

Their choppers are definitely on their way in so drooling, chewing, and whining are popular past times. Beware; if you get too close you’re bound to get “gummed.” We have employed several tactics to soothe them including:

  • Cold, wet wash clothes,
  • Frozen pacifiers,
  • Cold teething rings,
  • Baltic Amber stone necklaces, and
  • Yes, the occasional dose of Tylenol.

Nutrition is also a bit different nowadays. The quints have maxed out on their daily milk at 5-6 ounces per feeding, or 24-32 ounces per day, and are now chowing down on solids. Brunch consists of gluten-free oatmeal with banana or apples and Linner is beef or poultry in bone broth or steamed green vegetable with a side of squash or sweet potato. Kali continues to be the best guzzler, but Lily takes the cake (almost literally) when it comes to mowing through her solids, and well everyone’s leftovers, too!

It is amazing how big they are getting. I remember receiving the 6 month sleepers as gifts not believing they would ever be that big. But, now they are almost too big for those same sleepers! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think back to those days in the NICU and thank God for how far these children have come.

T is for Theo
T is for Theo
B is for Bella
B is for Bella
L is for Lily
L is for Lily
K is for Kali
K is for Kali
E is for Ellie
E is for Ellie

They are certainly our pride and joy! We promise you that Theo and Bella are the goofiest of the bunch, but apparently not big fans of impromptu photo shoots before lunch.


2 thoughts on “ABC, 123 (45), Cute as Can Be!

  1. Love them! We so enjoy seeing new pictures and hearing about their new milestones. We’re always praying for you guys! Sending hugs. 🙂

  2. Hi, Frank and Cassie! Wow, I cannot believe how big they’ve gotten!!! They all look so adorable! I’m so glad to hear they are all doing well :)!

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