Elliott Rose is 6 Months Old

Our little peanut is no longer the smallest of the bunch. She is the longest and weighs the 2nd most of the ladies. She is still our little emergency. She can go from zero to 60 in a few seconds. However, she is also our best self-soother. She is our little siren who is able to win over everyone she meets. Ellie is our first to start teething and thus her favorite toy is now her fingers. This little girl also loves her tummy time! She is one of our quieter quints, but if she observes any inefficiencies in her care she is sure to let you know it. This one definitely has a C-suite in her future!

Nicknames: Ellie, ER, Eliie Belly

Birth Length: 16.9 in

Current Length: 23.1 in

Birth Weight: 2.41 lb

Current Weight: 13 lb

Favorite toy: Her fingers

Favorite Past-time: Hanging out with her older brother

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