Kali Mae is 6 Months Old

This sweet heart has a smile that could melt anyone’s heart. She is known for her little half-smile, smirk and high-pitched screech. Kāli-Mae is also the most expressive of the V-5. Her face cannot lie. We know when she is everything from scared, upset, happy, and even ready to cause trouble. She also is consistently wearing a bib, but simply because she has more drool than a girl can handle. She loves to eat and can down a bottle quicker than her brother. We joke that competitive eating may be in this little one’s future- watch out Joey Chestnut! She also is quite the talker and although we haven’t heard any true words, yet, her babble is getting close.

Nicknames: K-Mae, Monkey

Birth Length: 13 in
Current Length: 22.8 in

Birth Weight: 2.29 lb
Current Weight: 13.3 lb

Favorite toy: Colorful ball and Ziggy the Zebra (Mobile toys)
Favorite Past-time: Chilling in her jungle boppy with a firm grasp on her ball

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