Lillian Grace is 6 Months Old

This little love bug already has a heart made of gold. She is the most sensitive of the quints, and quite empathetic. She loves to smile and hold hands with her siblings in distress. She also is very sensitive to sounds and the smallest sneeze can send her jumping. She has crystal blue eyes and a genuine smile. She’s usually sporting a bib because drinking milk (and keeping it down) is not one of her fortes. But, when it comes to chowing solid foods- she’s the best!  Ms. Lillian is now growing with the rest of her siblings and appears to have left the threats of developmental delays in the past.

Nicknames: Lil, Lily Bug

Birth Length: 14.6 in

Current Length: 22.6 in

Birth Weight: 2.69 lb

Current Weight: 11.6 lb

Favorite toy: Stuffed Eeyore

Favorite Past-time: Hanging out with Mommy and Daddy in the kitchen swing

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