Isabella Marie is 6 Months Old

This pretty princess is still our Sleeping Beauty, or Bella addormentata in Italian who is known to catch some zzz’s mid-feeding, or while snuggled up on Daddy’s shoulder. She’s also a bit of a drama queen who tends to exaggerate most activities, and has come to love blowing raspberries. She also is our most active quint and loves to run with flash-like speed. With such a love for action, she grows bored quite easily and often let’s out her characteristic Bella sigh when she has had enough. She is going to be a beautiful older sister full of energy and attitude.

Nicknames: Bella, Bella Bean, Bells, Sarge

Birth Length: 15.7 in

Current Length: 23 in

Birth Weight: 2.49 lb

Current Weight: 12.4 lb

Favorite toy: Musical Sea horse, it’s her Kryptonite

Favorite past time: Running and knocking birds in the Forest Play Mat, fondly known as “Sherwood Forest”

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