Theodore Joseph is 6 Months Old

Mr. Theo is 110% boy! This little man is certainly the rough and tumble type equipped with all the loud and smelly bodily functions. His features strongly resemble Frank, including those beautiful blue eyes. He also is growing to be quite strong and can now hold up that 97th percentile noggin with ease. He loves to swing his arms, pound his feet and beat his chest, which can make him quite a threat if left too close to his sisters. But, he also is as sweet as pie and loves to smile, snuggle and hold hands with all of his sisters.  He’s already an amazing older brother!


Nicknames: Theo, Thor “god of thunder,” Nana’s Lil Buddy

Birth Length: 14.5 in

Current Length: 24.8 in

Birth Weight: 2.87 lb

Current Weight: 16.1 lb

Favorite toy: Abigail, the rattling bird who resides in Sherwood Forest and Ziggy the Zebra

Favorite past time: Making noise! Whether it be by knocking a rattle, pounding his fists or making sounds with his sweet mouth

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