Halfway to a Year

Their a handful!
They’re a handful! (Left to Right: Bella, Ellie, Lily, Theo, Kali)

The Vanderwall Five are halfway to a year!

This past Monday the V5 turned 6 months old. It truly was a celebration to see how far these munchkins have come. Each month we review their milestones and continues to see these children hit their mark, despite their gestational age of 3 months. According to the CDC, a 6 month old child can:


  • Knows familiar faces and begins to know if someone is a stranger (Definitely true for Kali! She sounds the Stranger Danger alarm at first site)
  • Likes to play with others, especially parents (All of them love to play; they are social butterflies)
  • Responds to other people’s emotions and often seems happy (These monkeys see and do)
  • Likes to look at self in a mirror (Their look of amazement is priceless)


  • Responds to sounds by making sounds (They are all progressing here, but Bella and Kali take the lead)
  • Strings vowels together when babbling (“ah,” “eh,” “oh”) and likes taking turns with parent while making sounds (We have some chatterboxes on our hands)
  • Responds to own name (We are still working on this one, but I believe Kali & Lily know their names. I also think Bella knows her name and chooses whether or not she wants to respond…little stinker)
  • Makes sounds to show joy and displeasure (Definitely!)
  • Begins to say consonant sounds (jabbering with “m,” “b”) (Another popular consonant is “g”)

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving) 

  • Looks around at things nearby (They are curious little ones)
  • Brings things to mouth (Especially their fingers and rubber ball)
  • Shows curiosity about things and tries to get things that are out of reach (They love to reach and swat at their mobile birds)
  • Begins to pass things from one hand to the other (They are paci passing pros!)

Movement/Physical Development 

  • Rolls over in both directions (front to back, back to front) (More work to be done here, but all are getting close)
  • Begins to sit without support (The bumbo seats have done wonders for their cores)
  • When standing, supports weight on legs and might bounce (Theo and Lily are great at holding their weight)
  • Rocks back and forth, sometimes crawling backward before moving forward (Everyone is scooting and spinning. Watch out Manny (the cat) crawling is definitely in sight)

It’s been awhile since we checked in with each quint individually, so we thought we would launch a series beginning with Mr. Theo!

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