Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here

On Saturday, October 20, we welcomed home the last, but certainly not least, of the V-5- Lillian Grace. It was a very happy homecoming and exciting to know that we are beginning the next chapter of our family’s life together.  We are truly overjoyed every time we look to our living to room to see all of the bouncy seats, previously filled with their teddy bears, now filled with our beautiful children; It is quite a surreal moment.

The picture of all 5 Quints together in the same frame!
The first picture of all 5 quints together in the same frame! From left to right: Bella, Theo, Ellie, Kali, Lily.

It has been quite the past few weeks getting everything ready around the house for all the little ones and finally transporting them home. Here’s a quick look at how it all went down:

Mommy and Daddy build the babies a beautiful new nursery.
Mommy and Daddy build the V5 a beautiful new nursery
Bella prays to Jesus, asking him to bring her and her brother and all her sisters home.
Bella prays to Jesus, asking Him to bring her, her brother, and all her sisters home very soon
v5 Diplomas
Bella’s prayers are answered and NICU diplomas for all five babies appear on the counter of the nurse’s station
Then, Kali and Ellie join him.
One by one, the quints pass their car seat test and are cleared to go home from the hospital
Now the dishwasher is full of bottles...
Now, the dishwasher at the Vanderwall residence is always filled with baby bottles…

Mommy and Lily

and mommy and daddy's arms are full of babies. The end.
and mommy & daddy’s arms are always filled with babies

Indeed, getting the opportunity to be with the quints 24/7 has opened our eyes to their little quirks and deepened our understanding of their budding personalities. There were some assumptions we made about these little ones early on, which are proving to be a bit off, and some that were and still are spot on. Here’s the latest update on each of the quints, in the order they appear in the group photo above.

Isabella Marie

Our Sleeping Beauty, would much rather spend her day catching some zzzz’s than anything else. She is a tough one to arouse, which is good and bad. It’s a struggle at meal times, but a joy when everyone is wound up and she is just relaxing. But, when she does wake up and join the party she can be quite the happy little girl.

Bella Beauty
Sleeping Bella
Bella Role Call
Excitable Bella

Theodore Joseph

Tutti Frutti, leads this Barnyard bunch in their animal chorus with his manly toots. Theo is definitely a little boy, but also our little cutie. He has the most precious face, and loves to lock eyes with you. He continues to be a champ when it comes to downing milk and apparently has shared this skill with his sisters because their feeding skills are getting much better.

Theo 2
Looks like our cute Mr. Tutti has something brewing
Theo is home 3
Theo passed out after one of his trademark high-volume feedings

Elliott Rose

Ellie has earned the nickname, “Cray Cray” for her recent frantic antics. Our experience living near Cabrini Green tells us this little one is proving to be quite the little gangster, rolling around the west-side of Madison with her hat pulled up, or down, and we swear she’s throwing signs, too. She also is learning how to play her parents and can turn on and off the tears like a light switch. She is still our little doll face, but definitely not the saving grace we thought she would be. She is our feisty little peanut.

Quintessential Ellie
Quintessential Ellie
Ellie be rollin
Ellie is dancing to the beat of her own drum

Kali Mae

Our little screecher monkey, still can hit the high “C” with the best of them. But, she has proven to be more mild mannered than we thought and is turning into a fair self soother. She still has the most definitive features with her dark, thick hair and darker complexion. She also has a smile that can melt anyone’s heart.

Sleepy time Kali
Sleepy time Kali
Kali Mae will make you an offer you can’t refuse

Lillian Grace

Our silly Lily, tends to still be our quiet observer. During her alert times of day, she will sit and just look around for hours. She also loves to be spoken to, and truly appears to be listening empathetically.  I often think she will be a counselor one day due to these budding listening skills. She is also our silly one with the most adorable smile. She will smile in any circumstance, which is a wonderful reminder to smile, too.

The alert lil' Lily Bug
Our alert lil’ Lily Bug
"Tell me more," says Lily.
“Tell me more,” says Lily.

We are cherishing each and every moment with these little ones. Now that we are all home we are excited for our family time spent reading books, checking out black and white baby flash cards and laughing our way through the feeding frenzy which comes around every 2-3 hours. It’s a riot!

7 thoughts on “Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All Here

  1. I loved seeing the afghans in use, as they were intended. These kids are getting sooo cute, and so individual in their little habits. Love to you all!

  2. I’m so excited to see they’re all home!!! They are all amazing, and all very different from each other, in both looks and personality! I’m glad to hear the schedule for them is working out well for you two! That can be quite the challenge with quints :)! I hope you two get enough sleep in between during the night :)! I’m going to miss those babies, and I will miss you and Frank as well!!! You two are amazing parents!!!

  3. Thank you Cassie and Frank for the beautiful pictures and update. The 5 of them are so precious in front of your fireplace, I imagine there are times you just stop, look at them and thank god for these wonderful children. Welcome Home little ones! Love, Donna & Ken

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