Who Loves Cute Pictures of Little Quintuplet Babies?!

Over the next week, we will be starting a “Meet the Quints” series on our blog! Each post will feature one of our little cuties with lots of pictures and commentary. As we referenced in our previous somber-toned post The Quint’s First Two Weeks there have been many moments of pure joy in addition to the bumps in the road we’ve experienced thus far. These upcoming posts are our chance to share those joyful moments with you!

One last thing to prep you for the next five posts. The V5 are collectively in the best health they have been since birth. Still, they are hooked up to all kinds of Medical Miracle Machines (technical term) that are helping them to develop and grow into normal healthy babies. To help quell any concerns about their condition when we post wire-laden photos, below is a brief visual introduction into the anatomy of a typical NICU infant. Mr. Theodore Joseph has been selected to help enlighten you on the purpose of the lines and tubes you’ll see in the upcoming week’s pictures:

Anatomy of a NICU Baby, featuring Theodore Joseph
Anatomy of a NICU Baby, featuring Theodore Joseph

A: Free Baby Oxygen Bar/Spa Treatment – AKA: Nasal Cannula used to provide a variety of respiratory therapies

B: Hands-Free Food and Beverage Dispenser – AKA: Oral-Gastric (OG) tube used to provide breast milk and to check their bellies for residuals from prior feedings. It also can help to remove excess air from their tummies.

C: Personal Fitness Monitors (e.g. Nike+) – AKA:  All of these wires are leads which are connected to a monitor which help to assess heart and respiratory rates.

D: Remote Thermostat Adjuster – AKA: The wire tucked under the heart sticker is a temperature probe which helps to identify the baby’s temperature and keep it in an ideal range.

E: Belly-Button Jewelry Clip – AKA: this is a clamp placed on the umbilical cords and is later removed.

F: Oxygen Bar/Spa Treatment Membership Card – AKA: This is a pulse oximeter which is used to assess and monitor the baby’s oxygen saturation.

4 thoughts on “Who Loves Cute Pictures of Little Quintuplet Babies?!

  1. Cassie! I absoluetly love your tutorial of the plush accomadations over at the NICU! Who knew it could be so luxurious!! 🙂 I am so glad you and all babies are doing well. You and your now LARGE family are continually in my prayers!
    Much love from the Valley perinatal team!
    Tara (one of your sonographers aka paparazzi at VPS!)

  2. Congratulations Cassie and Frank! I have been soooo busy exercising that I forgot to check to see if you’re little ones were birthed yet. Now, the real fun begins! I’m so excited for you both! I’m going to catch up on your posts. I’ll chat later.

  3. He is absolutely wonderful, and what tough little beings you’ve brought into the world!
    Congratulations on your 5 beautiful babies =)

  4. Now you know you can’t get those pics up fast enough for me! Bunches of my friends and family are following your story, and are all praying like mad! They all agree, you two are totally awesome! Joan

    Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 17:40:10 +0000 To: jemalbrec@hotmail.com

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