Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Baby

Thank you for everyone’s prayers for Baby E, Elle Rose, because God is answering every one of them. At today’s appointment we found out that her Doppler readings from her umbilical cord were in the normal range, with only one reading just above normal! She is our little fighter. I also shared with Dr. Elliott that we name little Elliott (Elle) Rose after him and I think I saw tears well up in his eyes. I love the heartfelt compassion of my doctor!

Baby E_Dopple

Additionally, at today’s visit we got to see almost everyone’s little face, and most of them have what looks to be a full head of hair! The sonographer asked me if I was having heart burn and nausea and I answered with a resounding yes! She said it is most likely due to the amount of hair on their little heads, because the hair protein can irritate the GI tract. Theo and Elle have the most hair and the rest are little fuzz balls at this point. I’ll let you see for yourself!

Chubby Cheeked Theo
Chubby Cheeked Theo
Baby C
Baby C
Baby C's Profile
Baby C’s Profile
Elle Rose
Elle Rose- I think she’s smiling!
Elle Rose's Profile
Elle Rose’s Profile

Baby B & D didn’t want to come out to play at the photo shoot, so unfortunately we don’t have any images of those two little ladies.  But, from what we saw today everyone remains on track with healthy hearts, brains, organs and blood flow.

My doctor also gave me a warning that this is the point where growth really picks up.  Amazingly, all of the babies have shifted to a transverse position with their heads to my left and little feet to the right.  Theo still has his little noggin tucked into my pelvis but his feet swing left. So, they are in ideal positions to bulk up…which of course Mama is going to need to find some XXXL shirts pretty soon! Muumuu’s here I come!

Again, thank you to everyone for your prayers! We appreciated every single one of them. We also want to send a special thanks to our friends at Culver’s who threw us a baby shower. Now our little ones can sport their little Culver’s onesies on their way home!

One Happy & Thankful Daddy!
One Happy & Thankful Daddy!

We are simply overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and support. Please know we could not do this without you!

5 thoughts on “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Baby

  1. That is fabulous news! We will keep the prayers coming! Can’t wait till you & all 5 little ones come hm! Luv all of you! XXXOO

  2. So, so, so, so SO happy for you and Frank!!! Keep cooking those babies for as long as you can!!! Can’t wait to Skype with you at the shower!

  3. I have two afghans done. Two were started before I knew about the color codes. The first one has white, purple and teal in it, the second one is multi-color, but to me it reads primarily pink. Now I am working on Theo’s blue one, and the yarns for the last two are primarily green, and primarily yellow. They are all machine wash, machine dry yarns, and are purposely meant to be used, loved, dragged around, spit up on, etc. They have proven to be very durable in the past, so please don’t treat them as heirlooms! Thinking of you every day, and all my friends and family are praying for you. My sister is making cute little pants and hoodie sets, all color coded. Hang in there, we are all so happy for you, and impressed by your courage. Joan Albrecht

    Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 00:44:52 +0000 To: jemalbrec@hotmail.com

  4. Dear Cassie,
    I wanted you to know I’ve been praying for you since Trevor told us the wonderful news that you were expecting 5 🙂 Thank you for sharing your heart, may God our wonderful Creator continue to bless you and Frank as you honor and trust Him with these precious little ones!
    Love in Christ,

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