The Name Game


With about 9 weeks to go, Frank and I have decided to let the names be known!

Our little boy, previously known as “Baby A” will be Theodore Joseph. Both, Frank and I, believe that Theodore is a strong name, and acknowledge many Ted’s, Teddy’s and Theo’s who have made their marks on history. Also, I came to find out that Theodore is also a family name. Joseph is also a very significant name in the Turzy family and has been passed down for four generations. It is my dad’s middle name and my brother’s first name; two men who I am proud to name my son after. The meaning of his name is: God’s Gift (Theodore) and “He will add” (Joseph). There is no doubt that this little guy is a gift from God who will hopefully continue to add to history as his Theodore forefathers.

We are unable to assign names to our little girls (Babies B-E) since upon delivery the docs simply grab whoever is next in line and we won’t be able to tell who was who. So, we have preferenced the names:

The first girl will be Isabella Marie, which means “Devoted to God” (Isabella) and “Wished for child” (Marie).  Marie was also the name of my Grandma on dad’s side. Baby Bella has definitely been a wished for child who we devote to God.

The second girl will be Lillian Grace, which means, “Pure” (Lillian) and “Grace” after the mercy God has shown us in this process. She will be a reminder that each day can be a new day. I also found out that I had an Aunt Lillian who was married to my Uncle Ted.

The third girl will be Kali Mae, which we will pronounce like Kaylee, also means “Pure.” Mae is my middle name, as well as, my great Polish Grandmother’s name. Mae is a derivative of Marie and thus also means, “Wished for Child.”

The fourth girl will be Elliott Rose, which means, “Jehovah is God” (Elliott) and “Flower” (Rose). We chose Elliott after our current doctor, who has been so understanding, compassionate and supportive in this process. We found out after sharing this news that I also have a Great Aunt Rose, the sister of my Grandma Marie. Little Elle Rose will be a reminder that the Lord is God and He deserves the glory for leading us through these testing times to a beautiful testimony.

Naming these little miracles makes this experience all-the-more real. Also, I loved learning what each of the names meant and about our family history after we had unknowingly chose the names. It is even more evidence for me that God’s fingerprints are all over this story.

7 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. A pleasure to learn the names. Julie referred to her twins as Apple and Banana until born because the soldier men were using military names like Alpha and Bravo.

    A little history from Frank’s family: My father’s mother’s name is Grace. She was a grade school teacher for many years in a time when women didn’t work. There were several cousins to my Dad named Rose.

    We are very thankful you are doing so well. We look forward to meeting them.

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  2. You have chosen such beautiful names and thank you for sharing them with us. Prayers continue to be there for all of you. Blessings to you – Donna & Ken

  3. Wow you two are getting so close to the finish line. What a blessing it has been reading your blog…I was so excited when I saw the “Hello my name is sticker” I thought please let them post the names…They are all so unique, I really love the names and how the represent both your love for God and family…they are all so beautiful!!!

  4. You and Frank are very lucky and I must say very brave. It’s a shame what the insurance company puts you through. Hopefully, God will see you through all your trials. Good luck.

  5. I’ve written down the baby’s names so that I can pray for each baby individually. Every day you’re a day closer to the babies being bigger and stronger and better ready to come into your lives. Very Exciting! I don’t know if you know this but Grandpa Cook’s Mom’s name was “Grace (Koch) Cook”…so Lillian Grace has a Great Grandmother with her same middle name…..just a little piece of genealogy to add to your records. You’d have to ask Grandpa Cook for any more of his Mom’s ….. Grace’s story. Prayers and Wishing you all the best! auntie lisa

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