Happy 3rd Trimester!

We have reached yet another milestone in this pregnancy! In just a few days we begin our 3rd trimester!

I did thisAlthough the third trimester often brings aches, pains, and discomfort from gaining half of your original body weight it also brings the joy of knowing that- for me- in 9 weeks or less, I will be holding each of these beautiful miracles!

24 weeks, or 6 months, is a critical milestone because it is the point in the pregnancy where doctors will consider your pregnancy viable, or in other words if you give birth after 24 weeks your doctor’s will help to save your babies. Therefore, from this point on the babies are coming, it’s just a matter of when.

The average gestation for quintuplets is 26-27 weeks, which for me would be in 1-2 weeks. However, my current perinatologist’s average for quint pregnancies is 33 weeks and 1 day, and of course my personal goal is 34 weeks! When it comes to high order multiples average just isn’t good enough.

So, how does this compare to a singleton pregnancy if we make it to 34 weeks? Well, being born at 34 weeks for 5 babies is about the same as being born at 30 weeks for 1 baby. According to all of the statistics, the risk of brain bleeds, respiratory distress, cerebral palsy, etc. all plummet at 28 weeks (you can read more about this in my previous post, entitled Visit to the High Risk Clinic).

Our outlook is pretty good. At my last doctor’s visit on Tuesday, I was informed that I might be able to stay out of the hospital for another 3-4 weeks. This was music to my ears because:

  1. Most make it another 4+ weeks after admission to the hospital before giving birth.
  2. Our pregnancy is stable enough for me to continue to enjoy the perks of living in a home.
  3. Hospital food doesn’t even come close to my mom’s delicious and nutritious cooking!

We also learned at our previous visit that all of the babies are growing at a similar rate now; they are all between the 60th-70th percentiles. My side of the family is known for making big babies, so we’ll see how this plays out. The only difference was that Baby B’s legs were much, much longer than everyone else’s. It looks like she takes after her Daddy and will be the speedy queen of the bunch. We also learned that everyone’s hearts, brains, kidneys and circulation look great!

The only concern from the visit was that Baby E’s umbilical cord did not insert centrally into her placenta, which is correlated with causing distress later in pregnancy. Right now, baby E is as playful as the rest, so my prayer is that her circulation stays strong. She has been the doctor’s concern since day one, so I know she is going to be our little fighter.

Baby E has got her dukes up!
Baby E has got her dukes up!

Now, for those that have bared with me to the end of yet another lengthy post, I plan to present to you the names of our five little miracles…with a bit of explanation of course in the next post!

11 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Trimester!

  1. Hi guys. So excited for you 7! Well that just seems weird to type… I am confident everything will go as close “plan” as possible. Watching you go through this with such grace and insightful thoughts tells me everything else will be a piece a cake despite it being x5.
    Yay you are almost there.

  2. Another great and informative blog!!! Thanks for keeping us updated and the teaser of getting to know all the names!!!! May God continue to keep you and the babies healthy and safe. Yeah for 1 more month at home.

  3. So happy to hear that things are looking good, Cassie! We’re praying for you all often. Can’t wait to hear the babies’ names!!

  4. Thanks for the update Cassie! You look great and happy to hear babies are doing well; baby E will be a fighter like Mom! I hope you are sleeping on a very soft bed! Wishing you all lots of good luck–sally

  5. Hello lovely strangers. I don’t know you but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and also share some things that may be of help. I would try contacting your congressman or woman and see if their office can intervene with the insurance company on your behalf. If you’re Catholic, and you feel you have to do all that you can in order to save these miraculous lives, then insurance should pay, in my humble opinion. See if the people you’ve elected can help you. If they can’t or won’t help at the congressional level, contact your senator.

    Also, you might consider using fundraising sites like giveforward.com and gofundme.com. Strangers do look for people to donate to on these sites, looking for some issue they can relate to or someone in their local area to fund. We all need help, this is just a new-age way to get it. Even celebs use sites like this to get funding for projects they want to undertake, like movies, so crowdfunding has really been growing in popularity.

    I will keep you all in my prayers.

  6. Thank you all for your love, support, prayers and suggestions! Without all of you this journey would be much more difficult!

    Thank you, “M,” for your suggestions as well!

    I have an additional update/request. We ask for specific prayers for Baby E. We learned today that the position of her cord is compromising her blood flow. The blood pressure and flow to her placenta has worsened since the visit on Tuesday (just 3 days). Our doctor says that she is not in danger if the blood flow remains at this level, but if it does become worse… we may lose her. Please continue to pray for her strength and that the blockage in the cord would not interfere with her blood flow.

  7. PRAYERS, PRAYERS AND MORE PRAYERS are being said for Baby E. We love you all and will continue to keep you in our thoughts. Love, Donna & Ken

  8. Hi Cassie,
    I stumbled on your beautiful blog, and a super duper congrats to you and your husband! Carrying quintuplets must be so exciting, and I wish you the best! You are such a trooper, and keep up the good work! I would love to email you and chat over your pregnancy, and mine too! I’m expecting twins and I would love to have somebody to talk to, especially when you’re carrying five! Feel free to email me at btseng817@gmail.com; I would be so ecstatic!

  9. I don’t think anyone thinks your blogs are too long, Cassie. Everyone is hanging on your every word! Prayers for Baby E, and all the rest of you. Frank looks like he’s holding up pretty well, too!

    Joan A.

  10. I’m so excited I found the blog today, Miss Cassie. Many blessing for the day. I know that you see Dr. Elliott today. This experience has been a blessing to me. After reading the reasons for the babies names, I thought I’d share. My middle name is Josephine after the Dr. who delivered me.
    Then I chose Marie for a confirmation name but never use it; but I am very devoted to God.
    Loved the picture of you and Frank. See you soon!!!! 🙂

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