The Story of Theo and the 4 Princesses


As I lay on the ultrasound table this afternoon I watched the story of Theo and the four princesses unfold.The sonographers took just over 30 minutes on each baby to specifically measure and examine:

  • The spine
  • The heart, including all 4 chambers, the aortic arch and the heart rate
  • The brain and specific parts including the cerebellum
  • Nuchal fold
  • Kidneys and the blood flow through the renal arteries
  • The umbilical cord and placenta
  • Fluid within each placenta
  • Boy and Girl parts
  • Head circumference
  • Facial features (eyes, nose, lips)
  • Both arms with open hands
  • Both legs and feet

As you can see it was truly a marathon of measurements. But, three hours later we now know that we have very healthy babies. Everyone’s organs look great at this point and have great blood flow. All of the nuchal folds were less than 6 mm, which means they are all at a very low risk for genetic disorders, including downs syndrome. Everyone has 10 fingers and 10 toes and the cutest little noses!  Also, all of the babies’ measurements are within normal limits. We have two babies at the 70th percentile, meaning they are measuring bigger than one baby would at this time. The remaining three babies are at the 30th percentile.

We also got confirmation that we will be having four girls and one little boy. We have decided to name our little guy Theodore Joseph, or Theo for short. He may eventually come to enjoy the name TJ, too!  As for our little ladies, we are still tossing names around but definitely have a few that we like.

I commend all of the sonographers for their work because we certainly have a bunch of wiggle worms. However, everyone did give us a beautiful profile shot and a quick glance at their faces.

Baby D
Baby D
Baby E
Baby E

Even little Theo decided to show us his face, which up until this point he would only reveal his boy parts.


The only baby who stayed in the same position was baby E, who is at the very top. She may be quite the diver some day because she assumed the Pike position and didn’t switch. Baby C was tucked in a little ball and was quite the rascal. The rest were rolling about the entire time. I was happy to see everyone moving and grooving.  I wish I could share all of the images from today with you but unfortunately I got a faulty disc. All of the images within this post are from our 19-week ultrasound.

So, all in all we are doing very well! We are quickly approaching 22 weeks this Friday and then it’s just 3 more months to make it to our goal of 34 weeks!

11 thoughts on “The Story of Theo and the 4 Princesses

  1. Thanks for sharing the great news & pictures. They r all a beautiful site to see. I wiil pray that God continues to bless all of u. I love u!

  2. So excited for you guys!! I have been praying for you and sharing your story with others so they can be praying too!!

  3. So glad that today’s marathon visit went so well and that you got great news!!! Once again, God shows His amazing ability to create miracles!!!

  4. It is very exciting to learn all the babies are doing beautifully … God’s work continues to amaze me! As you are strengthened to do His works. HUGS OOOOOOO

    1. Thank you for the updates, Cassie. Following your adventures in Reno and sending prayers your way. I’m so glad that you and the Babies are in Good Hands…. God has a good plan. xoxo, auntie lisa

  5. So thankful that all the kiddos are doing so well, and that you are such a good mom! Thanks for sharing!!
    Joan A,

  6. Such good news, very happy for you and the babies. I’ve been printing your posts and mailing them to G & G Cook to keep them in the loop. Uncle Jeff & Aunt Sue

  7. This has been quite the adventure for you & family. I think and pray for you daily and can’t wait for the blessed event. Take good care growing those quints.
    Love & prayers,

  8. Cassie, it is so wonderful to hear and see your news. Blessings to you, Jackie (West Clinic)

  9. Dear Cassie and Frank…We can’t even begin to understand the beauty of
    God’s works! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Have been and will continue to pray for each of you!

    Love, Renee

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