Greetings from Arizona

Superstition Mountain

All is well in Arizona!

21 weeks

Today we celebrate 21 weeks, which may have not been possible without this venture to the desert.

My mom came to visit this week and it has been amazing to have her here. She has cleaned, cooked, and cleaned some more. It will be hard to say goodbye tomorrow, but I just have to remember that it’s really, see you later.

The home where I am staying is truly an oasis with a beautiful view from the patio.  Since there is not much to share in terms of updates, I thought I would share the scenery.

One tall cactus
One tall cactus
Cactus in front of Superstition Mountain
Cactus in front of Superstition Mountain

There is a lot more wildlife than I thought there would be. The birds are constantly chirping. I am greeted each morning by a pair of lovely doves. I even found a family of quail- mommy, daddy and several babies.  After meeting those little guys I was happy to see the vulture fly away. There are also the little lizards scampering to and fro and the coyote who takes his walk of shame down the road every morn.  I am truly surrounded by God’s handiwork, which is yet another blessing.

Mr. Morning Dove
Mr. Morning Dove

We will be having our 5-hour, 2nd trimester scan next week- woo hoo! I hear it’s a marathon with snack breaks and all! So, I will definintely have more to share about the V-5 next week. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Arizona

  1. Sounds funny to say, but I am glad to hear you have nothing to report! Truly, sometimes no news is good news!! Stay strong – praying for you! Hugs–Jeanette, JR, and fam 🙂

  2. So glad that you and your mom are getting some quality time together and what a blessing that you have such a great place to stay!!! God sure is watching out for you, Frank and the 5 babies!!!

  3. Cassie you look beautiful and I’m glad you made the journey to AZ. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy with all of us and I’m so happy you have a wonderful and caring family there with you, Frank and the V-Wall 5. Prayers to you always. Love, Donna

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