Sir Clahj

Sir ClajSir Clahj, is not a character from Medieval times, but it is rather how you pronounce the surgical procedure, cerclage, which is the “knight in shining armor” who has saved our pregnancy.

It is my understanding that pre-term labor can be caused by a shortening and dilating cervix, as well as, an increase in prostaglandins.

Treatment of pre-term labor varies, but typically includes a cerclage, tocolytic drug therapy and adjunctive bed rest. Some of the drug choices include:

I had my emergent cerclage and Friday and the procedure went very well. They keep you awake during the surgery and use a spinal block, which is quite similar to an epidural. Being paralyzed from the ribs down is one of the weirdest sensations I have ever experienced. You see your legs, can touch them, but you sure can’t use them or feel them. The paralysis typically lasts 2-5h, whereas the procedure is just under 30minutes.


Upon admit my cervical length was 1.2-1.4 centimeters long with no dilation. Today at my post-op follow-up, I found out that the miracle-making surgeon has secured it at 3.0-3.1cm with no dilation. The doctor thought immediately following that the length was just over 2cm and was surprised to also hear that it was at 3cm- high fives were in order.

He also monitored my contractions during the post-op visit to assess if the motrin and bed rest were helping. He likes to keep his patients at less than 4 contractions per hour if they are out of the hospital and I was right at 4. This is much improved from the 6 to 8 contractions per hour that I was having over the weekend. The hard part is I can’t feel the contractions, so I’m of little help in monitoring them on my own.

All in all, I think we are back on track after that detour. Thank you to all for your prayers and support- you are a blessing!

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