17 weeks and counting

We are now at 17 weeks and counting, which is halfway to 34 weeks!

I thought I would show the fruit of all those supplements that I referenced in my previous post. I’m growing, the babies are growing and apparently it’s a bit contagious!

Cassie, Frank & JD at 17 weeks
Cassie, Frank & JD at 17 weeks

We also thought we would share our bumps with my mom and Grandma-to-be!

Mommy in the Middle
Mommy in the Middle

This picture is very special to me!

Mother's Day 2013
Mother’s Day 2013

3 thoughts on “17 weeks and counting

  1. Cassie, Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your mom showed them to us at church today. She is such a proud grandma-to-be!!!! Our prayers are with the 7 of you. Teresa

  2. May God Bless You All – it was the best Mom’s day ever! 17 more weeks and I’ll have 5 babies to hold on my lap! OOOOOOO

  3. Love the pictures your Mom sent! We will be following your progress and will be happy to ‘meet’ your precious ones in a few short months. We will miss your Mom but will look forward to updates on all the happenings from her. Keeping you in our prayers…….Judy/Jim

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