The Announcement!

We have created a short video to share some life-changing news….


6 thoughts on “The Announcement!

  1. OMG! Congratulations! I guess I now have a summer project! A whole pile of baby afghans!!! Can I be an extra grandma?

    Joan Albrecht

  2. Congratulations Cassie & Frank – We are so happy for you times 5! Love your video and look forward to all the updates. I’ll be there to lend a hand or two when you need it. :}

  3. Oh my goodness Frank and Cassie!! How Blessed are YOU! I’m in total shock still over the news, but as a mother I can’t be happier for you. Babies bring the joy of life and love to everyone!! I’m in on helping in whatever I can give. God Bless you both!! Be sure to pray to St Gerard, Saint for pregnant mothers. (mikes mom)

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